After the first conversation of maximum one hour, the client will receive an oral advice immediately obtaining precise information on problem solving (by means of further advice, negotiations and/or mediation, making contracts and following proceedings before Court or arbitrage proceedings) there is a flat-rate (currently € 65 VAT included).  Then concrete arrangements are made in relation to fees and costs for any steps to be taken.


For fees an hourly rate is applicable.  Also a value tariff can be agreed upon.  The hourly rate is determined by the nature of the case, urgency, litigation value and specialty.


Advance payments for fees are required under all circumstances. At first request, interim settlement of accounts can be made.


Costs are calculated separately.  There are office costs, travel expenses and additional costs.  For the usual office costs a flat-rate is applicable depending on the number of outbound pages or emails.  Travel expenses are calculated by mileage.  Additional costs such as those for any intervention of a process server, translator or interpreter, Court’s Registry duties, certificates and the like are calculated separately.


Liability is limited to the basic warranty of the professional insurance policy of the Bar of Lawyers in Antwerp made with Amlin Europe NV (currently € 2,500,000).